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 A huge thanks to all those Supermodmania fans who turned-up at the WACSA Gala Day on Sunday. It was an overwhelming success thanks to you the speedway fans of WA. This is proof that you want to see classic speedway bikes, cars and drivers from the golden era of the sport. You voted with your feet and made it an exceptional event. We at the WACSA are already looking forward to the 2017 Gala Day!              


You have just stepped back in time - to a time when a beast called a super modified ruled the dirt speedway tracks of Australia.

My name is Peter, known around the speedway tracks as 'Pedro'. I have been a fan of this sport since I was about 9 years old. My first taste of speedway racing was in the late 1960’s at the home of speedway in Western Australia, Claremont Speedway.

I was particularly fascinated with the big open-wheeled V8 powered super modifieds. It has been an ambition of mine to highlight the great days of this division for those fans who remember them and those too young to see them race. I wanted to produce a purely West Australian publication and feature details of all those drivers I grew up admiring. It wasn’t until I started locating some of those drivers that I found out how important hot rods played in the evolution of the super modifieds in Western Australia. Further investigation found that most of the super mod driver's careers commenced at winter circuits such as Forrestfield, Wattle Grove and Bibra Lake, plus various country tracks.

This website will take you back to the late 1950's when the hot rod was the latest craze on the dirt ovals. The rods, which evolved from the stock car and drag car were later replaced in the mid 1960's by the super modified. An American star named Marshall Sargent revolutionized the division, touring Australia in a monster super mod with massive tyres and an aerofoil wing atop his racecar. The evolution continued in the mid 1970's when the sprintcar was introduced to Australia by another American named Johnny Anderson and by the late 1970’s the mods were extinct. To read an article on the history of the sport in WA, click on The History page written by speedway historian Ken Brown.

For those of you lucky enough to see the super mods race you would remember what an awesome sight they were. They attracted big crowds to all of the metropolitan and country venues when they ran. For me it was the individuality of each racecar, the different shapes, styles, sizes and colours that made them stand out from all other divisions. The deep rumble of the open piped V8 will never be forgotten. The variety of powerplants used was also one of the fascinating aspects of the super mods. There were Chevy Corvettes, Buicks, Fords Mustangs, Cobras, Dodges, Chrysler Valiants, Ramblers, Holdens, Jaguars and others.


The aim of this publication is to relive those memorable days with photos and profiles of the hero's who built and raced them and introduce these racecars to the many young fans who didn't get to see these mods in action. Please click on the following pages:

THE HISTORY: Read an article on the history of the hot hod and super modified era written by Ken Brown, plus the all of the title placegetters and feature race winners.

THE MOD CHRONICLES: Some local speedway identities have put pen-to-paper and relived their memories and involvement in WA speedway.

DRIVER PROFILES: Meet the many drivers who raced these sensational cars on the dirt ovals of Western Australia.

PHOTO GALLERIES AND LINKS: Six wonderful webpages of colour and black & white images of rods and mods from the '50s, '60s & '70s. I am proud to say this would be one of the best collections of WA speedway images of that era currently available on the worldwide web. Also check out the links to other great speedway sites including the WA Supermod Association gallery.

CAR NUMBERS AND DRIVERS: Check out the list of car numbers and drivers from all the tracks in WA. You may even be able to add to the list.

MOD FACTS AND TRIVIA: Read the many facts and trivia about the hot rod and super mod era.

MOD TRACKS: Read about the tracks where the rods and mods raced. 

BLOG: Please feel free to enter any comments or additional information about speedway and this website.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thanks to everyone who contributed to and assisted with the production of this website.

This project has been an enjoyable experience and I have had an overwhelming response from the drivers of the past and feel privileged to talk to them all. A special mention to the families of those drivers who have passed. Thank you for your assistance in supplying information and photos.  It is with great pleasure that I dedicate this site to each and every driver who donned a helmet, planted their foot firmly on the gas-pedal and entertained the countless numbers of fans through the 1960’s and 1970’s.

To those who spent many hours in the suburban back shed’s designing and constructing these classic racecars, your imagination and ingenuity is commendable. To the many generous sponsors, who’s company’s slogan’s became household names and recognised by every speedway fan in WA. Finally to the thousands of dedicated speedway fans who made this sport what it was, and what it is today, thank you.

So, throw-on your white overalls, grab your crash-hat, strap yourself in, release the hand-brake and plant your foot...

WE'RE GOING RACING!            



The Heroes Plaque was officially unveiled by Mr Chum Taylor at Claremont Showground on Sunday 9 November 2008.    

The plaque was donated by the fans of Claremont Speedway to remember those who lost their lives in competition at this track which operated from May 1927 until March 2000.    

A special thank you to the Royal Agricultural Society for allowing the plaque to be displayed and Mr Phil Paddon and Mr Nev Riseley for their dedication to the sport and hard work to establish this important piece of speedway history at the Showground.                       




  •   Rusty's Superb Supermod 
  • How's this for a beautiful example of a WASA Supermod?



      Ray Geneve

                          RAY GENEVE'S ICONIC FORD COBRA

    The Ray Geneve built Ford Cobra was an icon of WA speedway during the late 1960's and early 1970's. Not only was Ray a popular competitor due to his natural ability behind the wheel, the presentation of his racecars was legendary.

    Everything about that car is memorable and in appreciation, this website contains many black & white & colour images of this unique Super Modified.

    I would like to thank Ray for allowing me to scan his photo albums to show the fans some classic photos of this car over the years.

    I'm sure you will enjoy the following article taken from Speedway Westside magazine in the late 1960's and the many photos of the famous Ford Cobra.






    I am a 55 year old semi-retiree who has a love for motor racing, in particular, speedway. I have been a fan for over 45 years and can truly say that speedway is a unique form of motorsport, in my humble opinion the best form of motorsport on the planet. I was taken in the early days to my favourite place on earth, Claremont Speedway by my parents.   I grew up during the reign of Chum Taylor in the solos and Alf Barbagallo in the super mods, two identities that were household names in Perth. My hero in the late 1960's was my cousin Rob Argus who built a Valiant powered super mod on the farm in Quairading. This was the catalyst for my fascination for the hot rod and super mod era. Later, during the 1980's I was lucky enough to get a gig drawing caracatures of the riders and drivers at Claremont and then at the Motorplex. Approximately four years ago I decided to find out whatever happened to my favourite drivers of the past, some 40 years after they were heroes on the track. The results are contained in this website.

    I am not a journalist or historian, just a fan of speedway.




    This website has been produced solely for information purposes. Every effort has been taken to gain copyright permission to publish photographic and written content. If for any reason original creators of photographic and written content are of the opinion that the said photograph or text is published on this website and that it is in violation of current copyright law, please contact me on my Guestbook page and upon verification I will immediately cease and desist to display the photograph or text and remove the content from this site.

    Your understanding is appreciated.



                           In Memory of  'The Magic Man'